Freedom & Bliss Yoga Retreat

Expand your mind with powerful workshops, nourish your body with intentional yoga classes, and align your spirit with the beauty of the Balinese jungle.

Wellness Awakening Retreat

This retreat is organized by Gabrielle Hayward and have been created to provide a getaway from your stressful work environment and come out rejuvenated and nurtured through writing, art, movement and meditation.

Holistic Wellness Retreats

A journey of self-discovery as we guide you through personalized yoga, qi gong, and meditation sessions, engaging workshops, nourishing healthy meals, and rejuvenating spa treatments in an idyllic setting

New Life Retreat

You will be guided to the human beings with mental, physical & spiritual practices and techniques through all of their limiting patterns, into a new emotional state of self confidence, love, strength & gratitude.

The High Priestess Retreat

Fully embodied spiritually fierce program guided by Ricci-Jane. Each day you are guided through yoga for intuition, kriya, breathwork, and fear-releasing practices that will change your life. The retreat provides the conditions to wed you to your priestess archetype.

Rejuvenate, Revitalise & Rejoice

Join this blissful Yoga Retreat immersed in the majesty of the lush jungle, you will draw on the strength of the landscape full of peace and magic energy of Bali and welcomed by its customs and traditions.

The Song & Dance of Your Inner Child

A yoga retreat for yogis practising with peculiar yogi to experience what yoga would be like if done without the distraction of work and everyday chores.

Rasa Lila Yoga Retreat

This retreat creates the space for you to loosen the grip, slow your pace & nourish yourself from within.

Replenish Retreat

Katiara Retreats are honoured to be hosting Replenish, an all inclusive deep rest yoga retreat with the intention of Replenshing self.

Reset Retreat

This retreat will provide you the time and space to deeply drop into your soul and hear your innate inner wisdom.