Reconnect Yourself Retreat

Today people increasingly lose the connection to themselves, to nature and to other people due to the challenges of everyday life. This retreat is to support you into a process of reconnecting.

The Way of Five Elements Retreat

Step into a world of transformation and rejuvenation on the beautiful island of Bali with Stephanie. Together you will embark on a six-day journey of self-discovery and healing to discover practical tools and techniques to address real-life health challenges.

Awaken Your Senses

Anayat and Anjali will guide you through an expansive week of activating your senses and returning to your inner wisdom + trust using movement, meditation, breathwork, somatic experiencing, energy work, sound therapy, self-reflection, group connection, and more.

Becoming a Master of Mindfulness

Experience eight days of profound personal transformation and cultural immersion in the stunning backdrop of Bali, Indonesia. Connect with your authentic self, (re)discover a deep love for life and the joy of being, and infuse your life with purpose and […]

Master Your Mindset Retreat

This retreat will provide you breakthroughs, insights and tools to regain your power and self-confidence, to build an empowering and healthy relationship with yourself and allowing you to attract and design the life and relationship of your dream.

Yab Yum Yoga Retreat

Yab Yum Yoga invites you to delve deeper into the self, where ceremonial celebrations, self-love-filled adventures, mystical motion, and delectably delightful dining await you.

Cosmic Serpent Radiance Retreat

Join Taylor, Georgia and Mimi for a transformational retreat designed to restore your inner radiance. Over 6 days we will explore a range of healing modalities and spiritual practices such as yoga, dance, Reiki, breath-work, meditation, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, […]

Alive To Enjoy Retreat

Unwinding to unleash your brightest self and connecting you to the endless supply of love. A week of transformational shifts and kind humans from around the world.

Back To Yourself Retreat

A week of inspiration awaits you, carried by the elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the magic of this time as you rediscover your true essence.

Inner Awakening Wellness Retreat

You’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery as Lina & Katie guide you through personalised yoga, movement, and meditation sessions, thought-provoking workshops, nourishing healthy meals, soul-stirring sound journeys and sacred ceremonies. Indulge in a decadent cacao ceremony and rejuvenating […]

Barre & Yoga Retreat

Pip & Jessica are excited to bring a programme of morning Barre and evening Yoga Flow & Restore. They come with experience and passion for movement and they are planning to give our bodies strength and stretch that will leave […]

Bali Yoga Retreat

During these 5 days together, Harri & Cazz help you refine your yoga asana whilst awakening the purpose of your soul. This journey will balance you physically, mentally, and spiritually, igniting a sense of empowerment to embrace your authentic self.